What Our Customers Say!

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  • B. Thomas Subject: WOW!!!!
    Message: Hi, I just received my first order of your products. I
    absolutely love the coconut bananaz. The cinnamon applez were also very
    tasty. Every thing tastes so fresh and fruity. Thank you for such a
    healthy, make-me-smile snack.
  • The Ande Family "We don't like it, we love it."
  • Yummmmmmm Dear Nature'z Candyz,

    Received my order today, and all I can say is WOW. You obviously know what you're doing. I had low expectations, but was curious. Learned about you from that FoodCrafters show. Can't wait till summer to try the peaches, and strawberries. My expectations are far exceeded, will be ordering again. Keep making this delicious product.

    A new fan, all the best,

  • Kathy P. Subject: Love your fruit
    Message: I just love the lime bananaz and now I love the strawberriez
    thanks so much for the joy you give me eating these.
  • Jen R. My jaw tingled with goodness after my first bite of Coconut Bananaz. Never thought fruits can taste just as good as candy when I need to satisfy my sweet tooth! Want a healthy lifestyle while eating tasty treats? Then get your snack on with Nature'z Candyz. I highly recommend it!
  • Tim L. I opened the Cinnamon Applez and could not stop eating them. My favorite part was when I looked at the label to see what you put in them to taste so good. Apples and Cinnamon. Love it.
  • Terry H.L. I love the taste of cinnamon in the dried apples.
  • Stella S.- age 9 Favorite: Cinnamon Applez
    Mmmmm, these are so good. They are like nature's donuts.
  • Megan Favorite: Coconut Bananaz
    Better than candy! I ate the whole bag while strolling in Ocean good!
  • Marni Favorite: Coconut Bananaz
    Delicious best dried fruit I have ever had. The quality is outstanding. Can not wait to get some more.
  • Maria All I can say is've got to try the Peachez....5 stars all the way
  • M. in Boca Raton, FL The package was waiting for me yesterday! I was so excited. I opened each and every one that I bought! Where have you been all of my life! These were the best things I ever ate and knowing that they're natural made it all the better!!! This product is simply fabulous!!! Thanks for thinking of it and actually creating it!
  • Kellie R. The order just came and opened right up and they are AWESOME!
  • Kathleen Favorite: Coconut Bananaz
    wow I am eating a bag of it right now and it is so delicious! Its way better than candy.
  • Kathie Favorite: Green Applez
    My Kids love these! As soon as I bring them home, they are opened & eaten! Keep up the good work & thanks!
  • Jeff Wow! These apple fruit snacks are awesome! I smear Organic peanut butter all over them and it's a perfect snack after any workout. I can't stop eating them!!
  • Jamie H. OMG!!! The Coconut Bananaz are so yummy!!! You have got to try them!! Actually everything Patricia makes is great!!
  • Irene B. I don't know how you did it, but the Coconut Bananaz taste like they just got dipped in creamy butter. Really, they're incredible compared to typical dried fruits!
  • Emily P. All of Patricia's products ROCK, but Pearz are my absolute favorite!!!
  • Denise Favorite: Coconut Bananaz
    Can't believe how delicious these are. Looking forward to trying other flavors.
  • Deborah U. I ordered the coconut bananaz and the reg bananaz and the red applez and cinnamon applez, OMG they are wonderful, they are the best I've ever tried, I can't tell you how happy I am to have found your co. I am on a new eating cleaner regiment and your fruit looked so pure and the fact it wasn't hard that pretty much sold me....Now the taste is beyond anything I could have imagained.....really wonderful and I will definitely order more! Thanks for making such a wonderful product, now I can hardly wait till the seasonal stuff comes out....thanks.
  • Amy Wow, delicious!! What a wonderful nutritious snack!!
  • Rita Favorite: Applez
    I had to pick only one item however all are simply great. They are a healthy fruit snack that you can take anywhere for a quick pick me up. It is truely "NATURE'Z CANDYZ"
  • LINZ LINZ Favorite: Coconut Bananaz
    Yum! Yum! Ya'll better get you some!!! Finally a sweet treat that I don't have to feel guilty about eating.