About Us

The Evolution of Nature'z Candyz....

I never thought I would own a food company, but it makes perfect  sense, considering food has always been a big part of my life and a  source of pleasure for me. I have always loved food and therefore know  that moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle. My search for  delicious but also nutritious snacks had always left me empty handed. I  was constantly searching the stores for really flavorful dried fruit  that was not loaded down with sugar or sulfur dioxide. My frustration  with no healthy choices available on the market just happened to lead me  to take the matter into my own hands…literally. 

 My mother bought me a little countertop dehydrator and I found my new  passion. Anything and everything that I could cut up and dehydrate went  into that machine. After many failed attempts, I finally figured out  how to dry the fruit to perfection and make a great tasting, ripe fresh  piece of fruit, turn into the most spectacular portable snack food. I  knew I wanted to share my new love with friends and family and so I  started to give them the dried fruit as presents, for any holiday or  occasion. Families started fighting over the bags and I would hear  reports of spouses hiding the treats in order to make them last longer.  So the requests came in stating that each family member wanted their own  bags. Parents would tell me their kids were asking for more of my dried  fruit. So I put all my energy and effort into starting Nature’z Candyz. 

 With my new career path and my quest to keep my healthy lifestyle, I  began to find myself enjoying Kickboxing and Boot Camp classes. After a  short while, I got certified and began teaching classes and became a  personal trainer. I know how difficult it is to find something that you  love to do, and so I feel lucky to have been able to combine my passion  for Nature’z Candyz with my work at the gym. Nature’z Candyz is my pride and joy and run entirely by me. I make,  sell and package everything by hand and with lots of attention to  detail. I am based out of San Diego which makes it easy to locate local  fresh fruits. When I am not in the kitchen or at the gym, you can find me hanging  out with friends, enjoying the great weather and living and loving life. Thank you for taking the time to read. 

Patricia, Owner/Creator 

Nature'z Candyz Process

 I pride myself on keeping Nature’z Candyz a very simple and  uncomplicated production. It is very natural and I use very basic  equipment. Here is the entire process that Nature'z Candyz dehydrated  fruit goes through from start to finish. I first wash the fruit by hand. Then using a hand slicer or mandolin,  I cut each fruit by hand into thin slices and place on a rack in which I  load into the dehydrator. My dehydrator is a free standing machine  which uses low heat and a very small fan system to move the air through  the machine. The circulation of low temperature air through the machine  and over the fresh fruit slowly dries out the fruit. The next step is to test each batch for taste, quality, moisture  content and texture. If it passes my strict standards, then the dried  fruit is ready to be hand weighed and packaged in high quality food  grade bags and shipped out to you directly or delivered to your local  grocery store. Depending on the variety of fruit, the entire drying process takes  about 18 to 24 hours to dry. I could dry them faster by raising the  temperature, but I maintain the low temperature to retain more vitamins  and minerals in the fruit. Every process is done by hand to make sure it  is up to standards and passes my quality control at each stage. I hope  you can taste the quality and care that was put into each piece of fruit  and every bag. 

Fruit + Time + Air = Nature'z Candyz

We choose to put a lot of care into the making of our fruit!  It takes a long time to make Nature'z Candyz fruit....just ask this guy.  

We dehydrate our fruit at low temperatures (less than 110 degrees) to maintain the healthy natural nutrients, enzymes and vitamins in the fruit.  We have a low temperature fan that circulates warm air in our dehydrators for 18-36 hours, depending on the fruit.

Does the thought of making your own healthy fruit snack scare you? Or maybe you don't have that kind of time on hand? Well, don't be frightened, you can have Nature'z Candyz delivered to your door.