Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do Nature'z Candyz last?

Unopened bags will last about 9-12 months.  Once bags are opened you want to try to limit exposure to air and keep bags sealed.  You can also store opened bags in the fridge or freezer.  But I doubt you will need to do this as they disappear so quickly! 

Q: When will I recieve my order?

We ship USPS Priority Mail, so shipping is anywhere from 2-4 days depending on your location.

Q: How many servings are in each bag of Nature’z Candyz?

There are about 2 servings per bag.  Please refer to each product for more detailed information. 

Q: What is the proper way to store my Nature’z Candyz?


You should reseal your bags when not being used, and ideally  stored at room temperature. Nature’z Candyz products can also be  refrigerated or placed in the freezer, but it’s not necessary to do so.  The beauty of dried fruit is that it can withstand varying degrees of  temperature and still taste great. Keep a bag in your gym bag, car,  backpack or locker. 

Q: Do Nature’z Candyz contain sulfur, sulfites or preservatives?

No, we NEVER use any sulfur or preservatives in our products.  Never did and never will add any weird chemicals or additives! 

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